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Buy Google glass eye wear- Google glass eye sale UK

The word Google is something that is well-known for all of us because of the search engine and the applications like Gmail, Google+ and lots more. Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the year 1998. From the very first day of it’s in the market the company has always been in limelight. All the services provided by this company have grab lots of popularity. And this time also this company is in headlines but for what? Don’t worry guys once again it’s in limelight for a good cause and that is the launch of its new gadget Google Glass eyewear. Yes, a new device of Google that has started gaining limelight from the very beginning day of its launch.

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How to identify cloned android apps?

How to identify cloned android apps?

Clones android apps have lately hit the market with a thunder force.  The cloned android app is swarming more and more in the market. The clones are kind of everywhere! You find a clone app of your favorite app and it is becoming an increasingly popular malware vehicle for attackers. This cloning of apps is also being misused. There are several cloned mobile applications available in the market now that has come up like the legions of Flappy Bird knock-offs. Now this game has been removed from the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Top best Quran based apps 2014

Religion gives you a base to love your God. It arms you with all kind of virtues which helps you set on right path. It restricts you from going way ward discarding the righteous path of God. It tells you that God is one and so should be its fellows. When you learn to love God, you learn to love your fellow beings. That way you learn to be good to yourself too. God is your guide and religion is he guide book. It has a set of given rules, psalms that teaches a man how to be a human and more than that a good human.

Buy Apple smart-watch online at discount price

Buy Apple smart-watch online at discount price

Apple Inc. is one of the renowned names in the field of Smart phones, PC’s, Laptops and software like iOS series.  After launching six different iPhones, four types of iPods, 2 iPads, five different types of Computers and laptops and finally the iTV. Apple is now all set to rock the market with its new product that is the iWatch. Smart watch was first launched by Hamilton Watch Company in the year 1972 and was named as Pulsar. Many well-known companies like Sony, Timex, Nike, Samsung, Hyundai and Motorola has had their smart watches in the market, and now its time for Apple to join the competition.

How to completely remove Antivirus from your PC

How to completely remove Antivirus  from your PC

For whatever reason, anti-virus programs are often difficult to completely remove from computers.
Difficult as in it takes quite a bit of time, knowledge, and often some messing about in the registry to get rid of all the items left behind.

3 Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phone

3 Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phone

Hi buds here I’m about to share 3 Best and Free Trusted Antivirus apps for your android smartphone. In the era of internet, sharing, cloud and networking technology - It’s highly recommended to install Antivirus in your Android smartphone, It might not give you all-rounding protection, but it will definitely help your smartphone to kill viruses, spyware, loggers etc.

The Good Guide

As you already know that Google’s Android is becoming fast day by day and the most popular mobile OS in the world. The popularity of the Android OS attracts the attention of malware writers and virus engineers.

Every week we hear reports about fake Android apps. Just a few days after the launch of the Instagram Android App, cybercriminals have created fake versions with the purpose of earning money from unsuspecting users. Keep malware off your Android phone using one of these 8 free android antivirus apps.

avast Mobile Security

One of the best Mobile Security Antivirus for Android Smartphone. Full-featured Antivirus and Anti-Theft security for your Android phone. Protect personal data with automatic virus scans and infected-URL alerts. Stop hackers by adding a firewall (rooted phones). Control anti-theft features with remote SMS commands for: history wipe, phone lock, siren activation, GPS tracking, audio monitoring, and many other useful tools.

Free Zoner AntiVirus

Zoner AntiVirus Free is a modern security and anti-virus solution for your device. It provides protection against viruses, dialers, trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other malware as well as phone call and message protection.

ESET Mobile Security

Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.
ESET Mobile Security is a security solution combining ESET’s mobile-optimized proactive antivirus scanning engine with antispam and antitheft features to provide real-time protection against known and emerging threats—without impacting performance.

How Carriers and Manufacturers Make Your Android Phone’s Software Worse

How Carriers and Manufacturers Make Your Android Phone’s Software Worse

Hey pals today we gonna learn How Carriers and Manufactures make your Android Phone’s Software Worse. It’s really true that there are some features that cannot be disabled and that lead to Worse performance. So let’s explore this matter and solution.

Blocked Apps and Disabled Features

Do you know Carriers have the ability to block apps from their network on Play Store - Preventing you from installing them on your Device. Tethering apps are commonly blocked — carriers want you to pay extra for tethering.

Carriers may also block apps like Google Wallet, as they would rather their customers not use a competing digital wallet solution while they work on developing their own digital wallet system that will be the only option on their devices.

Unreleased and Delayed Updates

Manufacturers produce an endless variety of different smartphones for carriers, who often insist on having exclusive smartphone models on their network. This has improved somewhat with phones like the latest phones in the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC One series. However, the Samsung Galaxy S2 had many different variants — like the Galaxy S II Skyrocket — tailored to different carriers.

Tweaks That Make Android Unstable

As part of their skinning Android and modifying its software to work differently, manufacturers can introduce instability and make Android worse. For example, many reviewers have complained that the Gallery app on the HTC One crashes frequently — HTC made some sort of change to Android and made this normally stable app unstable on their phone. Google can’t fix this, as the Gallery app is included with Android and HTC modified it — HTC needs to identify the bug they introduced and fix it.

Locked Phones That Can’t Be Used on Other Networks

It’s an old story by now, going back to the time before smartphones, but carriers often “lock” their phones to prevent them from being used on other networks. You may have purchased that new phone and locked yourself into a two-year contract, but don’t expect to take that phone with you to another network. The carrier treats it as their phone, bound to their network.

Locked Bootloaders Preventing You From Installing Your Own OS

On a Nexus device or another phone with an unlockable bootloader, you can choose to unlock your bootloader, which allows you to install another operating system, like the CyanogenMod distribution of Android or even Ubuntu for phones. These are often referred to as custom ROMs. However, unlocking your bootloader in these ways will usually void your warranty — that’s what the smartphone manufacturers often claim, anyway.